Final marks

A number of students have asked when the final marks will be available. I have completed marking and posted the results on to the college grading system. They should now be visible and if not then they will show up soon.

It has been a great pleasure teaching the classes this year and it was exceptional.

  • The pass rate in CSCI 101 S10 was very high. Out of 35 students who originally registered for the course 33 have passed.
  • Attendance and participation in CSCI 150 was outstanding and this was a very interesting course.

Well done to everyone who passed and I wish you success in your future endeavors.


CSCI 150 Final Exam Answers

For anyone interested I have posted the answers to the final exam questions.

Overall I was delighted with your participation in the class, since I appreciate there are a lot of difficult concepts to grasp. Mostly everyone achieved good grades in the Assignments and Lab work. Unfortunately, the mid-term and final exam marks were poor, with the average mark below 50% in the final exam.

You may see from the answers that none of the questions were especially difficult. Several students did not attempt all of the questions and only one person attempted the last question, perhaps because we did not have time to practice similar cache questions in an assignment. As a result, I have not included question 12 in the total, i.e the paper is now marked out of 78 rather than planned 90 marks.

Thursday August 4 CSCI 150


We will continue reviewing Chapter 13 on Memory Systems.

If time allows we will also complete Chapter 12 on Input/Output this week.


I have a lot of work to hand out. In addition, In addition, today I will provide a progress report showing all of your marks. This is your opportunity to make corrections if I have missed something. However, if you simply do not like the way I have marked an item, then that is too bad!

Exam Preparation

The exam will consist of questions similar to the mid-term exam and assignments. The best approach for preparing is to tackle as many questions as you can at the end of the textbook chapters. Some topics to help focus your study are as follows:

  • Gate propagation delay
  • Memory operation
  • Memory address decoding
  • Register operations
  • Instruction operations
  • Instruction formats
  • Addressing modes
  • Stack operations
  • Cache performance
  • Cache mapping
  • Pipeline operation
  • Pipeline instruction cycle and hazards

Deadline Reminders

  • All deadlines have passed and no work is expected at this time
  • Late submissions of Lab 9 and Assignment 7 will be accepted until 5:00 pm on Friday – submit files electronically via DropItToMe Submission.
  • Assignment 7 Answers will be posted soon after the 5:00 pm deadline

Instructor Evaluation

Thank you for completing the instructor feedback on earlier in the semester. You should be aware that this feedback is anonymous and I will not see the results until after the exam, so it cannot influence my marking.

Once the exam is over you may like to provide additional feedback on RateMyProfessor to help future students.

Wednesday August 3 – CSCI 150


With this last week of term before the exams being a short week, in place of a Lab activity we will begin reviewing Chapter 13 on Memory Systems.

If time allows we will also complete Chapter 12 on Input/Output this week.


We will not be completing Lab 10 in class, which was to make our simple 4-bit computer programmable. If anyone wishes to complete the exercise and for the satisfaction of finishing the programmable computer, the instructions are available.

Note: Lab 10 will not be collected for marking and will not contribute to the course grade.

Deadline Reminders

  • Assignment 7 is due today

CSCI 150 Textbook Questions

Recently students have requested access to the answers the questions presented in the textbook. Having reviewed the notice attached to the material it seems that unfortunately I cannot provide this information:

This work is protected by United States copyright laws and is provided solely for the use of instructors in teaching their courses and assessing student learning. Dissemination or sale of any part of this work (including on the World Wide Web) will destroy the integrity of the work and is not permitted.

I plan to allow time in class for review prior to exam week. One you have attempted the questions we can review the answers together in class.

Monday July 25 – CSCI 150

In today’s class we will complete Chapter 11, then begin reviewing computer peripherals and Chapter 12.

No Lab This Week

Owing to the Columbia College 80th Anniversary Celebration at Nat Bailey Stadium, the college will close at noon on Wednesday. As a result there will be no lab period this week.

Deadline Reminders

  • Lab 9 is due on Thursday, July 27
  • Assignment 7 is due on Thursday, July 27