Grade Adjustments

In 6 hours since posting the final grades I have been approached by 3 students requesting that I adjust their grades. I am often surprised that student think I have the discretion to make arbitrary changes. I carefully design grading of the course work to be completely objective. In the case of the final exam, I use multiple choice questions and record the score provided from the Scantron card. As a result, the grade is determined entirely by student performance and there can be no bias or subjectivity in the grading. It would be serious misconduct on my part to report a grade other than the one calculated.

At this point all of the work required in the course has been completed and the grades have been entered into the college records system. Even if I wanted to change a grade, I am prevented from doing so since the grades are locked and I do not have permission to change them. Please no more emails!

I really enjoy helping students understand computer science. Unfortunately, during this semester I have spent far more time with students arguing about grades, which is not the purpose of an instructor. The easiest way to improve your grades is by studying and I often see poor study habits.

There are some great resources to help learn study skills. One technique is the Cornell Note Taking System. Terry Small is a local teacher who provides a wonderful course on studying.

Final marks

A number of students have asked when the final marks will be available. I have completed marking and posted the results on to the college grading system. They should now be visible and if not then they will show up soon.

It has been a great pleasure teaching the classes this year and it was exceptional.

  • The pass rate in CSCI 101 S10 was very high. Out of 35 students who originally registered for the course 33 have passed.
  • Attendance and participation in CSCI 150 was outstanding and this was a very interesting course.

Well done to everyone who passed and I wish you success in your future endeavors.


Thursday August 4 – CSCI 101

The class today will be held in Room 448.

We have a lot to get through in our final class…

Exam Preparation

In today’s class, I will provide important information to help prepare for the exam next week. Anyone who has completed and submitted the project software should work on the exam Practice Questions.

The final exam is scheduled at 8:30 am on Tuesday, August 9th. I wish you good luck, but if you study well then you won’t need luck!


We will work on completing the projects. I will be available to offer help if needed, but there may not be enough time to meet with all teams.

A reminder that the deadline for completion is 6:00 pm on Friday. The following projects have not told me where I can find their work:

The following projects have not told me where I can find their completed software:

  • Tata Motors – The Boss (website provided is not valid)
  • Royal Enfield, Bullet
  • Koenigsegg Agera R
  • Sikh Religion
  • Vancouver – The Beauty of British Columbia
  • Unnamed project by 800497/800847

You will either need to give me a website name or provide a zip file via my DropItToMe submission. If I cannot find your work then I cannot mark it.


I have recently completed marking and updated the following:

In addition, today I will provide a progress report showing all of your marks. This is your opportunity to make corrections if I have missed something. However, if you simply do not like the way I have marked an item, then that is too bad!

Instructor Evaluation

Thank you for completing the instructor feedback on Wednesday. You should be aware that this feedback is anonymous and I will not see the results until after the exam, so it cannot influence my marking.

Once the exam is over you may like to provide additional feedback on RateMyProfessor to help future students.

Thursday July 28 – CSCI 101

Today we will meet in the Computer Lab, Room 340.

We are going to jump all the way to the end of the textbook to understand the Limits of Computation and more advanced computer technology. Any time remaining will be spent working on our projects.

The quiz must be completed before Sunday July 31. Note: The college is closed on Monday for the BC Day holiday.

Wednesday July 27 – CSCI 101

Today’s lab exercise will be held in the Computer Lab, Room 340.

We will be performing queries on a movie database using Microsoft Access.


The marking is now up to date, including correcting any discrepancies reported. If you notice any remaining issues then please let me know by email to You can view the latest results for:

Textbook Questions

Students have asked for the answers to the questions at the end of each chapter in the textbook. I have posted the answers in protected files which require a password of “DrGeeks” as follows:

I have updated the Textbook Answers and replaced this with Practice Questions, which is a better way to prepare for the exam rather than simply reading the answers:

Monday July 25 – CSCI 101

We will be in Room 448 today.

In the class we will start a new topic to understand databases. There will be a quiz after the class which must be completed before our lesson on Thursday.


Marking results have been posted for the following work:

NOTE: If you have any questions about the results and want further explanation then please see me during one of my office hours, not during class time. Alternatively, you can email me and I will get back to you. My office hour today is from 2:00 to 3:00 and my email address is


I have updated the chart showing the status of project deliverable items received. There is a significant improvement in reporting this week. 26 students achieved the reporting deadline of Friday at 6:00 pm and only two students failed to provide status reports.

Thursday July 21 – CSCI 101

We will meet in the regular classroom, Room 448. The plan for today’s class is as follows:

The next deliverable work item for the project is a Status Report describing your team’s progress, which is due by 6:00 pm on Friday.

Quiz on Chapter 13 should be completed before the start of class. There is no quiz for Chapter 14 today.